About Us

Ancora Foods

John Ruskin once said “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of consistent efforts”. We at Ancora Foods are firm believers of the above saying.

We are an enthusiastic team of entrepreneurs with a wide age group having an advantage of knowledge of an amalgamation of taste preferences of children and adults. The confectionery products we create tinkers the taste buds of children and serve the purpose of snacks among adults. The headquarters and manufacturing unit is based in Gujarat, India compliant with all environmental concerns, well certified and have adherence to all labour laws.

Our cream biscuit wafers are available in various flavored varieties vis-à-vis chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, kachcha aam, with the new entrants being Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Delight. We also offer cream wafer rolls, toffees in lip-smacking flavours like coconut and kesar delight, candies, kaju biscuits, lollipop candies and more!

The above mentioned products are a testimony to the excessive efforts and perseverance that we have put into this segment of consumables to enrich every iota of saliva secreted from our customers’ taste glands be it adults or children.

So just ask any store near you to give you more of GIVMOR, relish it, connect with us and as they say “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.

Our Quality

We focus on clean manufacturing environment, hygienic practices, healthy ingredients, adherence to law, complying to labour laws etc. Serving the highest quality products is part of our commitment to fulfill the needs of consumers. Therefore, we control every step of production by applying strict quality control. Starting from the selection of the best raw materials, production process with modern systems, packaging and delivering the product to consumer’s hands.

We are also following strict manufacturing procedures according to the guidelines given by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Being ISO 22000, HACCP & HALAL certified company, we can proudly state the hygiene practices and safety standards followed at our plant. Increased monitoring throughout the production process, individual check-up and hygiene practices has been taken care of to maintain a healthy environment. We strive to offer the best products produced under quality-controlled conditions. Hence, you can trust us for delivering you with the finest products in the field of confectionery.