Dig in some delicious wafers to reminisce your favorite childhood flavors

Dig in some delicious wafers to reminisce your favorite childhood flavors

Givmor, one of the fastest growing brand in the confectionary market has come up with a new and exciting collection of delicious wafers. The crispy and crunchy delight filled with scrumptious flavors is exactly what you need to fill in your hunger pangs.

If you want a healthy and tasty alternative to your unhealthy cravings, then the crunchy wafer biscuits will definitely help you curb it.

The unique flavor base ranges from tangy orange to double chocolate, strawberry and even the summer favorite kaccha aam. The first bite of the sweet and savory wafer will transport you back to your childhood and all the fun memories associated with it.

The mirth of receiving your first pack of favorite wafer biscuits to even the joy of sharing them with your friends during lunch breaks at school was definitely a wholesome experience. Hence, to help the customers reminisce their childhood memories, Ancora Foods has manufactured a tasty and hygienic range of wafers that aims to provide a unique experience for the diverse customer base.

Memories of creating unique recipes with these wafers will definitely pop up in your mind, the moment you give in to the first bite. In fact you can even create ice cream sandwiches with these wafers for your child or enjoy some of your own.

All you need to do is scoop up some vanilla ice cream on a layer of a double chocolate flavored wafer and place another wafer on top of it to create an ice-cream sandwich. You can either eat it right away or chill it for a while to create a delightful summer dessert.

Kaccha Aam is the most unique amongst the diverse range of flavor’s. The first bite will transport you to the lazy Sunday afternoons spend with your siblings, savoring the delicious spicy chutney and freshly cut raw mango from the local market.

If you want your children to experience similar happiness then you should definitely offer them a unique range of these ultimate healthy wafers. Made with quality approved ingredients at controlled conditions, these are super hygienic and does not contain harmful ingredients.

Hence children can definitely gorge on these and enjoy the goodness of sinful flavors without having to compromise on their diet. It is also devoid of any kind of artificial ingredients or added flavorings. The natural goodness of the familiar yet nostalgic taste is exactly what you need to not only fill in your appetite but the longing of childhood memories as well.

The Givmore wafer will definitely bring a glee in your face and make you scream ‘give me more’, because we also aren’t getting enough of these wafers anytime soon!