Givmor wafers is here to help you binge eat the healthier way!

Givmor wafers is here to help you binge eat the healthier way!

When it comes to flavors combined with health, Givmor knows how to deliver the best. It is one such brand that kind of excels with their unique offerings. Snacks are generally loaded with either trans-fat or artificial sugar. However at Givmor the focus is also on health which makes it essential for you to consume only the best. Hence in this case, you can definitely vouch on the popular brand as they have a unique range of wafers that you can choose from. Not only this, the popular FMCG retailer has also come up with super delicious snacks that are definitely not worth sharing!

Why the wafers are the best?

The Givmor wafers are one of the best snacks you can invest in. Not only for yourself but for the little munchkins as well. These are one of those healthy snack able items that works as a great alternative to your binge bites.

You can have it after a stressful day at the office, in between team meeting, at the school break or simply after attending your three continuous lectures.

The super crunchy wafer mixed with some amazing flavors makes for a great combination that you can binge on without having to worry about artificial sweeteners or simply unhealthy fat.

The flavor list

There are so many flavors that you can choose from.

  • Chocolate is definitely one of the best in the entire list. You can simply mix it with something in vanilla to create a sinful combo!
  • Kaccha Aam flavor is here to make your summer nostalgic. It is sweet yet savory just like all those memories from your childhood.
  • Orange ahoy! Citrus flavored wafers are a hit amongst the kids. They simply love the tangy flavor and the deliciousness awesomeness that bursts in their mouth.
  • Strawberry is sweet and amazing. We all love the pink fruity flavor for so many reasons.
  • Simply nothing can beat the versatility of vanilla. It is your all time option to eat something healthy when you don’t have access to your favorite greens.

Life is short- so make it sweet. Hence, find out for yourself, what makes the Givmor wafers your go to snacks to stop your hunger.