Mouth-watering desert recipes perfect for the wafer lover

Mouth-watering desert recipes perfect for the wafer lover

We all have a little chef hidden inside all of us. However, being a little experimental with food has not been everyone’s forte. A lot of people tend to go by the traditional routes to delight their gastronomical urges. Let’s keep the savory aside and relish the sweet dishes that we all love to gorge on!

But how about transcending the traditional routes and opting for a twist of taste? Hence, we have come up with tasty desert recipes that you can simply make with the Givmor wafers for some extra fun!


The unique blend of coconut ice-cream along with the Kaccha Aam flavored wafers is mouth-watering. If you’re an ardent lover of summer fruits that has a tropical zest to it, then this combination will definitely blow you away!

Orange love

Orange wafers tastes good when you crumble it on top of a vanilla flavored cake. A smooth fluffy cake with a crunch and munch of the citrusy orange wafer will definitely delight your love for unique flavors. You can even swap the cake for an ice-cream especially if you like to gorge on cold desserts.


The unique blend of coffee and chocolate is an evergreen winner! A semi-frozen coffee flavored ice-cream, sticks of crunchy wafer and crushed mint toffee sprinkled on top will definitely delight the lovers of aphrodisiac flavors.


The tropical blend of vanilla and pineapple works well for those days when you want to eat something light and hearty. Have you ever tried mixing these two? Next time your heart wants something light and fun, you can always go back to the blend of these flavors.


Let’s not forget the fact that strawberry tastes well with chocolate. Hence, pour some melted chocolate on the strawberry flavored wafers to enjoy the wholesome happiness of a great dessert. You can even mix it with ice-cream!

These recipes are an accumulation of fun experiments that will definitely yield tasty results. You can gorge on one while pulling off an all-nighter or simply carry it in a container to your office and show off your culinary skills to your colleagues.